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5 Plumbing Myths That Can Cost Money 1

5 Plumbing Myths That Can Cost Money

Plumbing is an important part of the house, and maintaining it can get tricky as an owner. This becomes particularly true when the issue is not noticeable at the initial stages. Which household problem is most common in plumbing? Leaky pipes, dripping faucets, clogged toilets and drains, leaky toilets are among the most common issues in household plumbing.

How can you estimate the cost of plumbing? You can get the best estimate on a plumbing job by getting the base rate per hour on the plumbing you need. It could be from basic jobs like fixing leaky faucets to fixing a pipeline. Evaluate how many hours of work you will need and calculate the overall price.

You may be using household hacks loaded on the internet or following your friends or family’s advice to keep the plumbing pipes clean. However, they can impact your finances in the long run. In this article, we will see 5 plumbing myths that can cost you money.


5 Plumbing Myths

Lemon down the drain freshens your plumbing drains

 Lemon Squeezed Into Kitchen Drain

Myth Busted: It’s said that a lemon squeezed into your kitchen or bathroom drain can make your sink smell fresh for a couple of days. However, this will not unclog, clean or protect your drains. On the contrary, excessive citric acid into the drain due to lemons can eventually rust your plumbing pipes resulting in cracks and leaks in the pipe. This implies you will need frequent maintenance for your plumbing systems.What You Should Do: Avoid using citrus juices in the kitchen or bathroom drains to prevent corrosion of pipes. If there is a bad odor coming from your plumbing drains, have it checked by a licensed plumber immediately.


Anything can be flushed in a toilet bowl

Myth Busted: People often feel that the toilet bowl is an all-flushing bowl. Just because its outlet is wide-mouthed does not mean that anything can be flushed through it. Flushing anything recklessly can clog your toilet and overall bathroom plumbing system. A clogged toilet drain can cost a lot for a fix-up.

Avoid flushing down items in the toilet bowl like:

  • Paper towels
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Makeup
  • Cotton swabs
  • Oils
  • Grease
  • Coffee grounds
  • Hair
  • Diapers

What You Should Do: It is important to dispose of feminine hygiene items, makeup, paper towels, and hair strands into garbage bins to avoid the toilet drain clogging. Certain items labeled flushable such as a baby wipe, also should be avoided being flushed as they do not decompose or break down in the water.

Note: A product (given as flushable) can be flushed after determined with a small test. Take a bowl filled with water. Put this product in water submerged in it. After an hour, take a stick and swish it around. If the product breaks and almost dissolves, then it is a flushable product. If not, it should be thrown in a garbage bin. They are potential pipe cloggers.


Cleaner tablets for Toilet bowl cleans and saves effort and time

 In-Tank Toilet Cleaner Tablet Used

Myth Busted: Cleaner tablets clean your toilet bowl with less effort; however, these bleach-infused cleaners will result in crucial repairs. They mask the smell with bleach, but in reality, the scum is underneath it and you may have to scrub more. These tablets are placed in a water tank that may harm the flushing mechanism in time. They have ingredients that can jam the mechanism due to deposits in the water tank and the pipes.

What You Should Do: Spend some time cleaning/brushing the toilet to avoid long-term and huge expenses to repair the toilet.


Drain cleaners clear the clogs efficiently

Myth Busted: Drain cleaners are often considered a quick fix for clogged sink or drain. The ingredients within the drain cleaner are harmful and damaging to plumbing pipes. It is important to remember that these drain cleaners are meant for minor clogs and not major plumbing issues. They are for short-term fixes but not meant for long term fixes. By using them, you mask the underlying, more significant plumbing issue.

What You Should Do: Drain cleaners are for minor clogs. They can be used for buying time until a professional comes to check and fix the underlying issue. A plumber can inspect the core of the issue.


If stuff is going down, there is no clog

Pasta Going Down The Drain

Myth Busted: You often feel that there is no problem as long as the stuff is drained into the pipe. However, it is essential to remember that certain foods like rice, pasta, etc., bloat within the drains. They eventually result in pipe blockage and a bad smell in the drain. Over time the food gets caught into the previous build-up and result in drain clogs.

What You Should Do: Use sufficient water to drain the kitchen sink. Eliminate the solid food into a wet garbage bin. Regular plumbing service and maintenance should be done to avoid long term issues. This way, there is no unseen build-up in the pipes.



Considering the above myths that are busted with reality/facts, it is essential to stay away from myths that can damage your plumbing framework costing you more than ever. Regular plumbing service and maintenance can keep you from potential plumbing issues in time and getting a professional plumbing service will help you do this at reasonable costs.

Chantilly plumber services are the best, reliable, and professional who can deal with all your plumbing issues, service, and maintenance. Remember, expert plumbers can inspect, evaluate, and analyze the source of the problem. They fix the problem after thorough analysis with quality materials. With ever-growing household plumbing issues that can hinder your regular works in a big way, their services will help you to get back on track with your routine.

A right and healthy plumbing framework are equally essential for a household or any construction to have a peaceful living. Stay away from the potential plumbing hazards caused by ignorant myths to keep you off from draining money to fix drain pipes.

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