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Bathroom Sink Sewer Odor

Why Does My Bathroom Drain Smell and How To Prevent It

Perhaps you have recently detected a really unpleasant, foul odor that seems to be emanating from the drain in your bathroom. It smells like a terrible sewer that is downright rotten. It should not be the normal occurrence for odors that are disgustingly rank and unbearable to be wafting up from the sink in your bathroom.

With this being the case, it is, thus, imperative to engage in knowing what is causing the odor. But that is not enough. You must also address the problem in order to resolve it, so that the problem does not worsen. The structure of the sink in your bathroom as well as the structure of your plumbing system could possess factors that are contributing to the awful smell in your bathroom.


When the Pipes Have a Buildup of Biofilm

Everyday, your sink in your bathroom is like a major garbage disposal. This is based on the truth that your sink having dead skin cells, toothpaste, soapy water and even shaving cream. That is a real abundance of waste that is sliding down the pipes of the sink.

Underneath your sink, the pipes are wet and warm, which is a great combination for the creation of the ideal habitat for the formation of stinking bacteria. This often turns into a nasty gunk that is black in color, which is referred to as biofilm. This biofilm can really begin to build up. You can do an easy test to determine if there is any biofilm. All you have to do is pull out the stopper of your sink. If you notice that the stopper has any gunk that is slimy and dark, that is biofilm. If so, there is a strong likelihood then that your pipes also have a lot of biofilm.

The good news is that this is not a difficult problem to address. The bad smell can be eradicated when cleaning products that are designated for sinks are poured down the drain. Also, you can use a simple application of vinegar solution. But it is imperative to be reminded that it is never safe to mix bleach with the vinegar solution, as this can result in the production of fumes that are dangerously toxic.

Once you use your preferred cleaner or vinegar solution, you can follow up with a pot of hot water.

In such cases that you have a severe buildup of biofilm, then it may be needful for the pipes under your sink to be disassembled in order to be manually cleaned. This can be done by using an old toothbrush and paper towels. On the other hand, do note that if there is a mistake that is made when reassembling the pipes, this can result in a disastrous leak that can cause a costly water damage. If you are uncertain, it is always in your best interest to contact an expert plumber Northern VA in order to do the job for you in a correct manner and that your pipes will not leak or result in any water damage.


When the Sink in Your Bathroom Has a Stinky Sewer Odor

If you are experiencing an issue where the sink or drain in your bathroom is projecting a stinky sewer odor, the truth of the matter is that the real problem could be an issue with the sewage. Be aware that in the end, all water that drains from your sink, toilet, tub, and shower all collect in the same area. Which means that the runoff from the sink in your bathroom will also be passing through to the pipe that goes to the sewage at some point.

Take note that there are two key elements in relation to your plumbing that aids in preventing the sewer gases from bombarding your drains, these are the P-Traps and vents. When either one of these have an issue, this can result in the sewer gases bombarding your home.


1. The P-Trap must remain wet inside.

Dry P-Trap

The P-Trap is the part of the pipe in the form of a U that is under the sink in your bathroom. It is important for the P-Trap to hold some water in it because the water serves as a barricade to ensure that no gas from the pipes can enter the drain of the sink.

When the P-Trap experiences episodes of being dry, then it is not acting as a barricade to prevent the leakage of gases via the drain. When the gases leak this way, this is a scenario that is not pleasant, and it is also hazardous to your health. This is a frequent problem concerning guest bathrooms or in cases when sinks do not get a lot of usage. Over time, the P-Trap may become dry.

The simple solution is to run water for a bit, which will ensure that the P-Trap will not become dry.


2. Your vents must be in good working condition.Awful Bathroom Smell

Though the P-Trap may be functioning properly, it is possible for stinky sewage gas to find its way back up the drain again. With this understanding, plumbing systems also apply the use of vents. This will ensure that any gases that become trapped are able to go back down the pipes and be released outside via the vents, so that no odors are left in the home.


In such cases that a vent is experiencing blockage, the gases will come back up the drain of the sink. Then it is wise to call an expert plumber to fix the problem for the vents to function well again.

If you have noticed bad smells coming up the drain of the sink in your bathroom and have poured some cleaning solution down the pipes, it is advised that you give us a call. We can help you find out the cause of any bad smell and resolve the issue for you.

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