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Basic Plumbing Tools For Your Home

Plumbing Tools That Homeowners Should Have

As a homeowner, it’s wise to take the initiative to understand a home plumbing system. These will include being knowledgeable about potable water supply systems and the drainage system. One should not wait until a plumbing emergency occurs, whether big or small, to learn about house water supplies or drainage pipes.

Knowing this, one will know how to make a dozen fixes to his or her plumbing systems. It will also make it easy to know when to call plumbers and communicate effectively on the issue at hand. With a solid foundation of plumbing knowledge and basics, a homeowner will know how to fix a few common plumbing issues. These problems may include:

  • Faulty faucets
  • Clogs
  • Toilet issues
  • Sewer issues
  • Leaking pipes or fixtures
  • Faulty sump pump
  • Faulty water heater
  • Low water pressure

Some of the plumbing issues may be complex and demand professional guidance. Fret no more if looking for plumbing help in Fairfax, VA, and surrounding areas. There is an emergency plumber Fairfax VA who is more than willing to lend a helping hand and guidance handle challenging plumbing problems.


How to Go about DIY Plumbing Project – What More to Know

Plumbing issues can be tricky to DIY. But then again, one can make a few fixes if he sets the mind on the problem at hand. A homeowner will need a few skillsets to DIY plumbing projects without making things worse.

Most importantly, if one has the skills to excel at the task at hand, he or she will need the right tools. There are excellent plumbing tools a homeowner must-have. They include:



Plunger Tool for Plumbing

Every homeowner out there in Fairfax, VA, and in other parts of the world, should have a plunger. This is an essential plumbing tool that helps undertake different tasks at home. He or she can use a plunger to unclog toilets, sink or shower drains.


Auger and Snake

If one does not have a plunger at home, a hand auger can save the day and have the water or waste flowing again using a hand auger and snake. These are remarkable tools to unclog showers, tubs, sinks, and drains.



Wrench Tool for Plumbing

There are different types of wrenches one should have at home. For instance, a pipe wrench is a must-have tool that helps tighten, loosen, and replace pipes. It comes with adjustable jaws that can fit into almost any size pipe.

Basin wrench helps fix broken faucets at home. Its long handle is comfortable on the hands and makes it easy to tighten or loosen faulty or leaking faucets.

An adjustable wrench is a must-have type of wrenches that aids tighten down on any bolts and nuts. A strap wrench is an excellent tool if one is not dealing with projects that involve high-pressure water at home.

Duct Tape

Upon investing in the best wrenches in the market, don’t forget that these tools are best used with duct tape. This tape helps keep the wrench from leaving gouges or marks when tightening or working on pipes.

Duct tape is a flexible plumbing tool that should not miss in any tool kit. It’s a stop-gap solution, especially when a homeowner notices a leak in a pipe that is leaking water out. Pick a type that guarantees a long-lasting adhesive and is resistant to weathering. Using duct tape, one will create an airtight and waterproof seal and fix leaks before the problem worsens.



Pliers Tool for Plumbing

A lot of twisting, pulling, loosening, and tightening or grabbing is involved in plumbing projects. A homeowner with the necessary skillsets for plumbing should not miss pliers in his or her toolkit.

Water pump pliers or tongue-and-groove pliers are an incredible set of slip knot pliers a homeowner should be well-acquainted with. They are used to hold bolts and nuts, grip irregular-shaped objects and hold different pipes in place.

Another type of pliers to have close by are the needle-nose pliers, great for reaching into tiny and cramped spaces when undertaking dozens of plumbing fixes.


Caulk Gun and Caulk

As a DIY enthusiast, a caulking gun is a must-have. The caulking around bathtubs and showers start to crack over time, and one needs the right tool to do the necessary repairs. One needs the best caulk or sealant and the right tool to apply it seamlessly.

A caulking gun makes it easy to seam or join sealing. With this gun, one will comfortably inject the right amount of caulk. This gun comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle it comfortably when applying sealant.

The specialized nozzles guarantee high precision when applying caulk without it dripping everywhere. A homeowner will reduce wastage as this gun controls the amount of caulk he is applying.

It’s economical, and he or she does not end up wasting a huge amount of the sealant. The caulking gun tube also makes it easy to clean the tool when changing caulk for another plumbing DIY project.

When shopping for the best types of caulking guns, decide between the ratchet (traditional caulk gun), electric or manual, and drip or drip-free designs. Pick the easy to use, efficient, and durable caulk gun on sale.


A Hacksaw

Hacksaw Tool for Plumbing

One will need a reliable tool to cut through metal or plastic pipes. A hacksaw is the right tool to cut through bolts, nuts, and screws. Keep a supply of different blades in the toolbox.

Tape Measure

When dealing with DIY plumbing projects, one needs to take the exact dimension to ensure proper repairs. A tape measure is an essential tool that helps a homeowner avoid costly measurement errors in length and distance.

Call the Best Emergency Plumber in Fairfax VA Today

When armed with the best plumbing tools and a few skillsets, a homeowner can fix some minor plumbing system problems. However, in the event of a plumbing emergency, it’s wise to seek emergency plumber services.

He or she needs to call nearby professionals. Significantly, if a minor fix seems to worsen or persists, calling an emergency plumber in Fairfax VA is a wise decision.

Our experienced, trained, licensed, and insured plumbing experts are happy to lend a helping hand on a 24/7 basis. Call the best emergency plumber today and get a free plumbing quote, and get started with the plumbing project at hand.


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