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4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Kitchen Faucet 1

4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Kitchen Faucet

Is your old faucet in need of replacement? Whether it looks clean and shiny is not the issue, because plenty of faucets look great but don’t do the job they’re supposed to do. Even modern fixtures are prone to leakage, breakage, and generally poor performance if they aren’t replaced regularly.


DIY or Replacement?

Do-It-Yourself versus Faucet Replacement

You can always try to fix a leaky faucet yourself, but if the fixture is too old or in an awful state of disrepair, it’s better to seek out professional faucet installation in Chantilly or whatever community you reside in.

It’s important to understand “faucet basics” and keep track of how old your home’s faucet system is in order to maintain a fresh supply of safe, good-tasting water. Another piece of information that helps homeowners assess their situation is getting acquainted with the common reasons to get a new faucet.

After that, you’ll be in a much better position to know whether the time is right to make repairs or buy a full-fledged replacement. Here’s more about the basics and the reasons to purchase a new faucet.


Faucet Basics

Like every other essential home appliance, kitchen faucets age, wear out, break, and sometimes just stop functioning for unknown reasons. That’s why it’s imperative to keep an eye on your faucet’s state of health. But, how can you tell when the device is beginning to experience a decline in function?

The simple answer: look for one of the four common signs of “early faucet malfunction” listed below. For whatever reason, homeowners often don’t value the role of their kitchen faucets as highly as they should. In fact, old water systems in your home can cause all sorts of problems besides just inconvenient leaks and noises.

It’s essential for homeowners to make sure that the water coming into their home is as clean as possible, and that means upgrading or updating plumbing systems. Fortunately, replacing an old kitchen faucet is often the only fix that’s needed.


Reasons to Get a New Faucet

Old Kitchen Faucet

Here’s more about each of the four most common reasons people buy brand-new kitchen faucets:

  • Leaks: If your DIY fixes don’t hold, and you still hear odd noises, see mold, or have higher water bills than normal, it’s almost certainly time for a new faucet.
  • Rust: Rust inside the unit can cause water to look yellow or brown and is a sign of advanced faucet decay. If you see any evidence of rust in your kitchen tap water, run, don’t walk, to the phone and contact a pro who can replace the unit asap.
  • Age: Even the best faucets only last between 10 and 15 years, so even if the unit is working okay, consider replacing it when it reaches its tenth birthday.
  • Mineral Deposits: Replace your faucet if you see any signs of mineral buildup at the spigot or near the base of the unit. This residue is a sign that the unit is not functioning properly.


Get a New Faucet Sooner Rather Than Later

Faulty Faucets

Fortunately, faucets are not high-priced appliances, so replacing them when necessary is not a tough decision. If your kitchen faucet is showing any of the tell-tale symptoms noted above, contact a plumbing pro to help you select the right replacement and get it installed asap.

There’s no better way to guarantee your family’s health and safety. Plus, the fix is an inexpensive job that can be done in just a few minutes. Don’t let a faulty faucet wreak havoc with your lifestyle.

Drain Cleaning Services in Chantilly

How to Avoid Clogged Drains

Having a clogged drain is a pain and can lead to wastewater coming into your home and lead to you not being able to use your sinks, showers, or toilet. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can avoid having a clogged drain.


Ways to Prevent Having Clogged Drains

Here are several different things that you can do to avoid a clogged drain.


Lint catcher

Installing a lint catcher on your washing machine hose can help you to avoid getting a clogged washing machine drain. When you wash clothes, pieces of fabric, lint, and other debris can quickly clog the drain. This lint trap is put on the end of the drain hose and will keep this debris from entering the drain line.


Use bacteria

Clogged Drain

Use bacteria drain cleaners to get rid of organic matter that may clog your drains. If you notice the drain getting slow, you will immediately want to reach for this drain cleaning bacteria.


Never dump grease

You should never dump grease down your drain line. Once the grease cools down, it will harden and form a clog. This can lead to a very expensive repair bill.


Catch hair before it goes down the drain

Hair and soap can cause a nasty clog that can be hard to get out. Use a mesh screen or hair catcher in each of your drains to ensure that hair does not cause any clogging issues.


Never put food down the drain

How to Avoid Clogged Drains 2

Never allow any food to go down your drains. Food that goes down the drain can clog the pipes. Consider starting a compost pile for all your food scraps.


Toilet paper

When you flush your toilet, the only thing that you should be flushing down is toilet paper and waste. Never put sanitary napkins or anything else down the drain. You will also want to check your toilet paper to ensure that it is septic tank safe. If not, you may want to consider using a trash can for your toilet paper. After a while, the toilet paper can create a tremendous clog.


Replacing drains when necessary

If you live in an older house and you know the drains were made with cast iron piping, you should consider replacing them. Cast iron piping will break down over time, and when this happens, it can create clogs and backups.


Do not use chemical drain cleaners

When you see your drain getting slow, you may want to use a chemical drain cleaner. While chemical drain cleaners can remove a clog, the reaction that happens can also damage your pipes.


Plumbing maintenance

How to Avoid Clogged Drains 3

Getting routine plumbing maintenance like getting your septic system cleaned can help you to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your drain pipes. A plumber can come out and inspect all your plumbing to ensure everything is in good shape. They can also offer drain cleaning services in Chantilly that will help to clean out your pipes.


Hiring A Good Plumber

In addition to doing all the tips above, you will want to have a good plumber on standby. You can do all the things above and can still get a clog. While minor clogs you can get out yourself, there are some bigger clogs that will require a professional. If you try to remove a clog yourself, you may end up damaging the pipes or even making the clog worse.

Doing all that you can to prevent your pipes from being clogged is imperative. If you do notice that your drains are getting slow or notice that they are clogged, call out a professional plumber so that they can help you to remove the clog and restore the functionality of your drain system.

Successful Fairfax Plumber

8 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Plumber in Fairfax

Fairfax, Virginia is the name of a pleasant city that is close to Washington, D.C. There are an abundance of homes and businesses available in the community. That is why it makes total sense that its residents and professionals require first-rate plumbing services. If you want to thrive as a plumber in Fairfax, there are quite a few things that you can do. These eight secrets can all help you get on the right plumbing track.

1. Get Suitable Training

A strong educational and training background is imperative for people who want to do well as plumbers. It is essential to take technical classes that can teach you all that you need to know about diverse topics such as:

  • water heating systems
  • pipe cutting
  • plumbing codes


You must do what you can to get licensing and all the essential qualifications, pronto.

2. Secure a Coveted Apprenticeship

It can help you significantly to land an apprenticeship that can give you the chance to watch a seasoned plumber in action. Apprenticeship durations are typically anywhere between two and five years in total. Reaching out to trade schools can often help aspiring plumbers pinpoint beneficial apprenticeship opportunities that may be accessible.


It can also help you to drop a nearby plumbing company a line. If you do so, its employees may be able to tell you about apprenticeship openings that exist at the moment.

3. Pass the Plumbing Test

Plumbing Job Examination

If you want to confirm that you can do well as a plumber, you must first pass the test. Doing so can open you up to finishing contract assignments in a legal way. If you want to be able to get your hands on plumbing jobs and not have to work alongside another professional, this test is the first step.

4. Round Up All of the Essential Supplies

Plumbers understandably must be equipped with all of the latest and most advanced equipment pieces and supplies. It is up to you to dazzle locals with your expertise. It is up to you to dazzle them with all the most contemporary tools as well. You should read up on all the biggest advancements in your field.


Doing so can help you impress and secure more loyal local customers for life. The last thing you want is for potential customers to think that you use plumbing tools and methods that are outdated and therefore nowhere near as effective and dependable.

5. Learn About the Area

Plumber Learning

You may or may not be a Fairfax aficionado. If you are decidedly not a part of that category, then you must change that right away. Getting well acquainted with the city, its residents and its businesses can help you do well in working there. It is critical for you to learn about the things that customers in the community want out of plumbing services. 


Learn about widely known sites, climate factors and the whole nine yards. The better you understand the city, the better you will be able to serve all of its friendly faces.

6. Spread the Word

It is essential to promote your plumbing specialties to people who are in Fairfax and in nearby areas. You can do so by setting up an official website and by putting together an effective and solid online presence through social media, too. Your primary aim should be to make it a piece of cake for potential customers to track you down any time they need five-star plumbing work.


7. Care About Customer Service

Prompt Plumbing Service

There is a plenitude of plumbing companies in and near Fairfax. The ones that do not care about customers naturally do not do well. If you want to stand out and thrive in plumbing, then you should go above and beyond to shine in the customer service department. Treat customers like gold by giving them superb results. Be prompt and detail oriented.

8. Concentrate on Online Reviews

Reputations matter in the plumbing industry. You should take the time to zero in on reviews of your services on the Internet. If you notice any inaccuracies, do what you can to change them as soon as possible.

These eight secrets can help you to thrive as a plumber in Fairfax. If you want some more information on these secrets, or if you are looking for plumbing services, contact us today!

How to Find a Local Commercial Plumber in Chantilly 4

How to Find a Local Commercial Plumber in Chantilly

Plumbing matters can be a huge hassle. It does not matter if you are at the helm of a household or a business. The need for a professional plumber occasionally is inevitable. Issues such as sluggish drains, toilets that refuse to flush, water leakage and water discoloration can always rear their ugly heads, after all. If you are trying to find a capable and talented commercial plumber who serves Chantilly, you do not have to go into panic mode. If you are detail-oriented and thorough, landing the assistance of a commercial plumber who can get you out of your rut is 100 percent realistic.

Do a Lot of Online Research

Securing five-star help with commercial plumbing in Chantilly is in many cases as simple as performing a classic online search. You can search for reputable plumbers in the area by combing through:

  • official business websites
  • Internet review platforms
  • social media

Once you get the names of Chantilly plumbing companies that pique your interest, you can move forward. You should start by meticulously assessing all reviews you find yourself. Look for companies and commercial plumbers who consistently receive strong feedback from past and present customers.

If you come across reviews that talk about commercial plumbing experts who do not seem trained or seasoned, look elsewhere without any delay. If you track down reviews that talk about employees who are always tardy or disrespectful, do the same exact thing. Look for plumbing company reviews that go into courteous staff members, punctuality, first-rate equipment, contemporary techniques and the whole nine yards.


Seek Out Recommendations From the People You Know

How to Find a Local Commercial Plumber in Chantilly 5

You may be able to discover impressive commercial plumbing experts simply by reaching out to people close to you. Ask your family members, coworkers, neighbors and buddies if they can give you the names of highly regarded companies that specialize in commercial plumbing in the area in general. Tell them about your criteria as well.

If you are looking to hire a commercial plumber who knows how to handle tough clogs of all sorts, make that fact abundantly clear. If you are looking to recruit a commercial plumber who can talk to you at length about suitable regular maintenance practices, make that fact obvious as well. The better people understand your preferences and requirements, the easier it will be for them to point you in a company direction that makes total sense.

Interview Attractive Plumbing Company Candidates

If you can round up a strong list of commercial plumbing companies that seem promising, that is a terrific start. Note, though, that you should never make the common mistake of giving the “okay” to a plumbing business without first talking to its staff members at length. You should take the time to perform interviews with professionals who represent these plumbing companies that seem dependable to you.

Ask them all of the right questions as well. Do not be too intimidated to ask about prices, timeframes, equipment items, techniques and anything else along those lines. If you get a lot of accurate information, then it will simplify the decision process for you in a big way.

Trust Your Instincts

How to Find a Local Commercial Plumber in Chantilly 6

Remember, no two individuals are the same. If you come across a commercial plumbing company review that is positive, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll have an identical experience. A commercial plumber who knows how to handle school plumbing well may not be as strong in a food service environment, and vice versa. That is the reason that it’s so critical to go with your gut.

When you interview plumbing company representatives, you should think in detail about how they make you feel. Do they seem confident? Do they seem trustworthy? Do they hesitate to give you honest and in-depth responses? Trusting your gut may help you avoid hiring a commercial plumber who falls short.

Contact Our Plumbing Team A.S.A.P.

Are you waiting for unparalleled commercial plumbing service in Chantilly? If you are, call our renowned company as soon as you can to get a quote from our hard-working team. We are always ready to answer all your commercial plumbing questions and beyond.

Plumbing Services in Arlington

Qualities of a Good Plumbing Company in Arlington

It’s important to know the signs of a good plumber in Arlington if you need work done. Choosing an established, reputable plumbing business gives you peace of mind because you know that your job will be done properly, on time and on budget. However, you may not know how to find a good plumber in Arlington. Take a look at the eight qualities of a good Arlington plumbing company.


They’re Certified

Don’t allow anyone to touch your home’s plumbing, pipes or septic system without proper certification. Plumbers should have state certifications and licensure. In addition, you want to make sure that the company you choose is registered as a business in the state.


They’re Bonded and Insured

In addition to being licensed and certified, a plumbing business should be bonded and insured. This is simply part of doing business as a contractor in Arlington. A contractor bond is a form of underwriting that provides backup funds in the event that something goes wrong during a project that prevents the customer from paying. Liability insurance for contractors protects you and your property against liability for any damage caused to your property by a contractor. If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to file a damage claim with the contractor’s insurance company to be compensated. 


They Are Eager to Show You Previous Work

Reputable Plumbing

Reputable plumbing companies should be willing to show you examples of previous work. In most cases, they have photos of past work completed for clients displayed on a business website for you to browse. You should also feel free to ask a plumber to see photo examples of specific types of projects if you don’t see what you’re looking for on a website. This will help you to see the “finished product” that is similar to the type of project that you need done.


They Have Good Reviews and Customer Testimonials

A company that’s been around for a while should accumulate a fair number of online reviews. Check around to see if a company has mostly positive reviews posted online. If a company excels at customer service, you will often see real customer testimonials posted on the company’s website or social media pages. It’s okay if not every review left for a plumber is a glowing review. In fact, a plumbing business that only has extremely positive reviews may be using “fake” reviews. It’s statistically likely that even the best plumber will receive some negative feedback. 


They Provide Clear Estimates Before Beginning Work

Fair and Trusted Plumbing

A reputable plumber will conduct a full assessment to provide you with a clear estimate before beginning work. Plumbers should always have your consent before beginning any work. Here’s a look at what should be worked out in a plumbing estimate:

  • Hourly labor rates.
  • Rates for parts and equipment.
  • The estimated time needed to complete the project.


While plumbers can’t know how long it will take to complete a job down to the minute, they should be able to provide a fairly accurate assessment of the time needed to finish a project based on their experience with similar projects. An estimate is designed to allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not you’d like to move forward with a project. Keep in mind that a plumber should also ask your permission to work on anything that is not within the scope of the estimate if they uncover new problems after beginning the project. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends reading your estimate carefully and checking warranties before giving your approval for a plumbing job.


They Show Responsiveness

 You can learn a lot about how much a plumbing business values a customer’s time very early on. Most plumbing companies are very responsive because they know that many customers are contacting them about plumbing emergencies. If you’re having a hard time getting a hold of someone, the company you’re trying to contact may not be a good fit for you because it doesn’t have the bandwidth to respond to new clients. A slow response can also be a sign that a plumbing business doesn’t prioritize customer service. 


They Don’t Bother With Jargon

Honest Plumbing

When a plumber shows up for an estimate, the goal should be to explain their findings to you in a way that’s as clear and easy to understand as possible. Be wary of any plumber who uses complicated phrases and technical terms that are impossible to understand without a plumbing background. You should feel like you’re receiving an honest assessment that’s designed to help you make the best decision possible.


They Know Building Codes and Permits

A confident plumber is highly familiar with all state and local building codes and regulations that apply for your property. When you ask questions about permits, your plumber should be able to provide answers about what’s needed before a job can be started. They should also be able to tell you about general costs and wait times for specific permit types. 


Find the Best Plumber in Arlington

Use these tips to find an expert plumber in Arlington! While you may be tempted to choose the first company that you find online, taking just a little time to go through reviews and photos of past projects will help you to know what to expect. Tracking down plumbing contractors that specialize in the type of work you need done can also save you time.

Sump Pump Installation Chantilly

Why You Need A Plumber To Install A Sump Pump

If you’re tired of dealing with a flooded basement, then you may be in the market for a sump pump. However, before you attempt to DIY on your own, you should first consider hiring a plumber. Here’s why you need a plumber to install a sump pump in your home.

You Don’t Know What Type of Sump Pump to Get.

Looking through the various sump pumps available on the market, you’ll quickly realize that there are three main types of pumps. They include:

  • Pedestal pump
  • Submersible pump
  • Battery Backup

Can you be sure that you know which one you need? If not, a plumber can tell you. The last thing you want to do is invest in a sump pump only to realize that the flooding is still happening. A plumber can help you decide on the pump that works best for your situation.

You Don’t Know What Size You Should Get.

When it comes to sump pumps, size does matter. If your neighborhood is prone to flooding, then you may need a larger sump pump than you realize. If your pump is too small, then it won’t be able to remove water quickly enough.

Plumbers can perform the necessary calculations for you. They understand how much water the pump can move at a given time and then help you choose the size that’s appropriate for your home. You won’t spend too little or too much on a pump that doesn’t solve your problem.

You Don’t Know Where to Put the Pump.

Sump Pump Installation Plumber

You can’t just perform sump pump installation Chantilly anywhere. It needs to be strategically placed in the lowest area of your basement. A plumber can find that spot and install the pump.

It can be challenging to find the lowest spot in your basement, especially if it seems like the entire basement is level. A plumber has the tools and expertise to find that spot and mark it for installation.

You don’t want to install the pump in the incorrect location, only to have to dismantle it and install it again elsewhere. You could destroy your basement in the process. You may even damage the sump pump.

A plumber will save you time and spare you from a headache.

You Don’t Know How to Use the Equipment Needed to Install a Sump Pump.

Installing a sump pump isn’t easy. It requires specific tools to be attached correctly. One of those tools is usually a jackhammer. The pump needs to cut through the cement of your basement to be installed. If you’ve never used a jackhammer before, then it isn’t the time to learn. Jackhammers can lead to serious injuries if used without experience.

Plumbers have that experience. They also have the skills to handle other pieces of equipment necessary for the job.

Attempting to install the sump pump with tools you’ve never handled before can result in an injury for yourself. It may also damage the pump.

A plumber will ensure the installation process is handled smoothly. Through their installation process, the pump will be installed correctly and work efficiently.

A Plumber Saves You Money.

Why You Need A Plumber To Install A Sump Pump 7
This is the image description

You’ll likely end up spending a lot more when you attempt to DIY a sump pump installation rather than just hiring a plumber. Don’t waste your money by accidentally damaging the pump in the process, either. Leave the installation to professional hands.

Professional Sump Pump Installation Today

If your home frequently floods, then it may need a sump pump. Our experts can help you choose the right pump and install it for you. Give our team a call today to order your sump pump installation.

Water Pipe Repair Chantilly

Quick Tips On How To Repair A Water Pipe

There’s wisdom in repairing water pipes when you have the tools and expertise to do so. Plumbers typically charge a flat rate for a service call as well as a per-hour fee, so you’re sure to save a few bucks by doing the job yourself. For water pipe repair Chantilly homeowners and property owners often do minor repair work themselves.

Of course, you need to make sure that you know the basics and don’t damage the pipes in any way. The good news is that a simple water pipe repair is not a complex chore. There are three strategies for getting the task done, and none calls for high-level plumbing knowledge. The common DIY approaches are:

  • Tape (with complete repair kit)
  • Epoxy
  • Clamp/Patch

Here’s what you need to know about each of the methods:


Quick Tips On How To Repair A Water Pipe 8

Tape kits are available in most retail and specialty stores at reasonable prices. The advantage of using a tape kit is that you don’t have to hunt around for any extra items. Everything for a common water pipe repair job is included.

The first task is turning off the water supply, standard practice for virtually every DIY plumbing repair. Next, follow the information on the kit for activating the adhesive portion of the tape. Then, carefully wrap the fiberglass tape around the portion of the pipe where the leak is located.

One of the benefits of kits is that the tape is so flexible you can even apply it to bulky fittings, and it will still adhere to the surface of the pipe. Plus, some kits are priced a bit higher and include special tape that is self-adhering.


Epoxy - Plumbing Tool

When using epoxy to repair a leaky water pipe, it’s essential to shut off the water source first and then drain the problem pipe of residual water. This is necessary so that the epoxy can do its job. It won’t adhere if the area is wet or dirty.

Always follow directions on the product container. Epoxy is a pretty simple substance to work with. Measure enough for the pipe leak or break. Then, knead the putty for a few minutes until it feels ready to apply. Please leave it in place according to the written directions. After that, test the seal by turning the water on and observing the result.


Clamp and Patch Kit - Plumbing Tool

A clamp-and-patch kit can work well for larger jobs where the pipe is split open or completely ruptured. Turn off the water source. Use a metal file to smooth the pipe if there are rough spots. Carefully place the patch and clamps in place. Turn the water back on to test the integrity of the seal.

Getting the Help You Need

If you can’t do the job yourself, either because it’s too complex or you don’t have the time, contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible. Leaky water pipes can do a lot of damage to your home, so it’s imperative to take care of the situation as quickly as possible.

Gas Line Repair Services Chantilly

How Do You Repair A Leaking Gas Line

If you smell rotten eggs in the most unlikely places in your home, then you may have leaking gas lines. This is one of the ways professional plumbers identify a gas leak. You may notice this when you call for gas line repair Chantilly services.


Detecting a Leaking Gas Line

A gas leak is no laughing matter at home. It can become a threat to your family’s health and safety if left unattended. It would be best if you kept an eye on the symptoms of gas leaks in your house. You may find it helpful to take note of the following signs of a gas leak.

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • eye and throat irritation
  • breathing problems
  • fatigue
  • pale skin or blisters

The most notable sign of a leaking gas line is when your entire family experiences difficulty in breathing. Professional plumbers use Mercaptan to detect a gas leak. You can hardly smell leaking gas at all. If you notice your family getting these symptoms, you might need to get a technician to check your leaking gas lines.


Safety Measures for a Leaking Gas Line

Broken Gas Line

When it comes to repairing a leaking gas line, health and safety experts do not recommend doing it yourself. Healthline published an article on their website about the cause of a leaking gas line. They provided a list of do’s and don’ts when you suspect a leaking gas line in your home. They do not even suggest that you try to find and repair the leak.

  • Do not turn lights on and off.
  • Do not use household appliances that may cause ignition.
  • Do not keep your doors closed.
  • Do not make phone calls from your house.
  • Let an inspector locate and fix the leak.
  • Evacuate the building or get out of the house.

Medical professionals prescribe these health and safety measures to protect the lives of everyone living in your home. It can be pretty dangerous to try and repair a leaking gas line on your own. It may grow to become a disaster if not appropriately addressed. You need the help of a professional to fix those damaged pipes.


Seven Steps to Fix Your Broken Gas Line

Leaking Gas Line

While it is best to let professionals do the work, it would still be helpful to know how to do your gas line repair. You need to take immediate steps to prevent further damage when you suspect a gas leak in your home. If you can locate the source of the leak, then you can begin treating those damaged pipes as you wait for your plumber to arrive.


Consider the following steps for your gas line repair. Make sure to observe the safety measures when you do these steps to keep yourself safe and protected.


Step 1 – Switch Off the Gas

First things first. Working on a broken pipe with your gas source turned on is quite dangerous. A tiny spark can easily catch fire. Inhaling the fumes is also a threat to your and your family’s health. Make sure to turn off your gas supply before you begin your gas line repair.


Step 2 – Find the Leak

Gas Line Issues Plumber

This step is best performed by a professional, but if you can do it yourself, make sure to keep yourself protected. Wear a mask and gloves as you remove the insulated covering of the leaking pipe. If you cannot locate the leak’s source, it is better to call your utility company for assistance.


Step 3 – Get Rid of Extra Gas

A leak will usually occur if there is too much pressure on the pipe. You may need to replace it with a stronger pipe that can hold higher pressure. Disconnect the leaking gas line from the regulator to stop the leak. You will need some plumbing tools and skills to do this step.


Step 4 – Clean It Up

Here comes the dirty work. Over time, your gas line goes through wear and tear. Rust and other impurities may build up, causing the gas to leak. Keeping your gas line clean and free from impurities can prevent spreading gas. Scrub the pipe with sandpaper to even out the surface. Then use acetone to wash off those impurities.


Step 5 – Seal the Leaks

You can use epoxy to seal the leaks on the gas pipe. Make sure not to fit the pipes too tight when you reinstall them. Remember that too much pressure can cause a leak.


Step 6 – Test the Lines

Now that you have completed all those steps, it is time to test those gas lines. This is an important step in the gas line repair process. Make sure to test the gas lines before putting back the protective covering so that you can easily seal those leaks.


Step 7 – Replace the Covers

When you are sure that you have sealed all the leaks, it is time to put back the covers to protect your gas lines. Having done well with all these gas line repair steps, you should now be confident that your gas system is safe. If you still experience symptoms of gas leaks, it is best to get professional help.

In residential areas like Chantilly, many homes use natural gas to power their water heaters and home appliances. These households are pretty vulnerable to leaking gas. While some say natural gas leaks are rare, gas line repair services are widely offered. If you suspect a gas leak in your home, you can call these professional plumbers for help.

Health and safety experts recommend regular inspection of your gas lines to prevent leaks. Old pipelines and appliances can cause leaking gas. If you don’t attend to a leaking gas line, it can become life-threatening to everyone living in your home.

Awareness of leaking gas hazards is essential to keep your family healthy, happy, and safe in your home. Remember the safety measures when you suspect a gas leak at home. You can attempt to fix the leaking pipe, but it is better to get professional help.

Garbage Disposal Installation Chantilly

Do I Need A Plumber To Install A Garbage Disposal?

Have your friends ever complained that your kitchen smells? Such a situation is absolutely embarrassing. If your sewage isn’t defective and you don’t have a garbage disposal, the main culprit is the garbage bin. If you’re lazy to place your garbage outside after washing the utensils, waste materials such as leftover foods, peels, rotten veggies, and others can smell sour and rancid. The resulting odorous smell will linger forever if you don’t find a solution. Speaking of a solution, why not try having a garbage disposal system installed?


I Know What A Garbage Disposal Is. The Question Is, Can I Install It Myself?

Installing garbage is very easy if you’re an experienced DIYer. Put your attention on the term “experienced.” By saying experienced, we mean that you don’t need our help if you already know how to align the garbage disposal on the sink tubes, install it in a wobble-free way, and have channel-type tools pliers, hammer, screwdriver, and wrenches.

In contrast, if you’re in the dark about how to do it, professional plumbers like us can significantly help. Not only do we help you install the garbage disposal safely, but we also help find the proper garbage disposal system for the sink if you allow us. Understand that choosing between the numerous garbage disposal systems largely depends on the design of your sink tubes and your washing habits.

Do I Really Need A Garbage Disposal?

Garbage Disposal System

Garbage disposal system installation falls on the grayline between expensive or cheap. That’s why we’re with you if you’re hesitant to have it. The common question is whether or not you really need a garbage disposal. To answer straightforwardly, aside from making your house odor-free, a garbage disposal system is a cleaner way of disposing of wastes than putting them in a separate bag and throwing them outside.

To continue, you might not need garbage disposal if you’re a clean freak – meaning that you’re one of those homeowners who diligently throw solid waste on the kitchen garbage bin to the dump. Personal preference is the basis of whether to have it installed or not. With that being said, we can’t really force you to do it if you’re fine with your kitchen smelling bad.

What Are The Advantages of Having The Garbage Disposal Installed By Plumbers?

Installing a Garbage Disposal

You have to invest money if you employ plumbers to do the garbage installation for you. However, this is fine because the cost outweighs the benefits. This section provides you the concise and comprehensive reasons as to why it’s better to hire plumbers.


Avoid Damage To The Sink Tubes

Installing a garbage disposal system requires the tweaking of the sink tubes. To integrate the garbage disposal to the sink, the sink tubes might have to be modified via cutting. Doing this is very risky if you know nothing about plumbing. The potential damage that might occur is leaking, bent sink tubes, or clogging.

But with plumbers, the problems that we mentioned can’t occur. Plumbers carefully integrate the garbage disposal to the sink meticulously via specialized tools and adhesives. Others even use replacement sink tubes that are specifically made for garbage disposal systems.


Avoid Damage To The Garbage Disposal System

Installation might damage the garbage disposal system if not done by experts. Such damage might be due to the incorrect attachment of the integral components to the kitchen sink tubes. Usually, parts that suffer from malfunction due to haphazard installation are:

  • The dishwasher connector
  • The knockout
  • The upper hopper chamber
  • The waste line connector

Plumbers help you avoid damage during installation. It’s because they know how to install a garbage disposal properly on the kitchen sink regardless of its design and type. Moreover, they also look out for possible causes of damage, such as existing factory defects on the garbage disposal system or the components that comprise the kitchen sink.


Find the Right Garbage Disposal System For You

Garbage disposal systems vary in features and specs. For example, some models don’t mind taking large bones, while there are models that broke quickly if you put even the tiniest pieces. Specifically, garbage disposal systems vary in motor power, motor durability, motor electrical consumption, impeller and flywheel design, and dishwasher and waste line connector design.

If you seek their help and instruct them to do it, plumbers will be on the move to find the proper garbage disposal system for you. A lot of plumbing companies can directly get the garbage disposal system that you need from the manufacturer. This cut costs because it diminishes the additional cost for purchase that third-party sellers put.

Aside from cutting costs, having the plumbers get the garbage disposal system that you need is advantageous because what they provide comes from leading brands. Furthermore, you can also request a refund if the garbage disposal system they provide fails to work well.


Frequently Asked Questions About Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement Services


How many plumbers will install the garbage disposal system?

Most plumbing companies send one plumber to do the installation. However, in some cases, if the service includes sink tube replacement, cleaning, or declogging, plumbing companies send two plumbers to your home.


Is garbage disposal system installation available in winter?

Plumbing companies offer garbage disposal installation in winter. Garbage disposal installation service is an in-house job. Therefore, there’s no reason for plumbers to refuse you. However, you have to know that pricing in winter is more expensive than the pricing in summer.

How long does garbage disposal system installation take?

It usually takes 2-4 hours for plumbers to install a garbage disposal. Factors that affect the installation period are the current condition of the sink, the design of the sink tubes, and the design of the garbage disposal system itself.

Can one garbage disposal system take care of two sinks at once?

Yes and no. The garbage disposal system can take care of dual-type sinks if the sink tubes connect at a single point (meaning that they connect to the same sewage pipe). If the opposite is true, then you might have to get at two garbage disposal systems installed.

Where to get the best garbage disposal installation service?

Doherty Plumbing provides the best garbage disposal installation Chantilly. We even provide one of the best garbage disposal repair and replacement services in the area. Please send an email now or call us so that we can show you a trusty installation service.

Faucet Repair Chantilly

Fixing A Broken Faucet: A Comprehensive Discussion

The anxiety that a leaking faucet makes you suffer is as problematic as the anxiety that a cheating partner brings. That constant ticking sound makes it hard to sleep at night. Moreover, the spillage is very messy. Never settle for less. This applies to your house’s faucet. As soon as it leaks, consider replacing or repairing it right away.


So Why Does Damage Happen To A Faucet?

A faucet gets damaged due to a lot of factors. The first is time. Of course, if the faucet has been around for many years (say 10-20 at most), it will get busted sooner or later. Regardless of the type of faucet, its brand, and the material that the manufacturer used for making it, a faucet will only last for 15-20 years on average.

The second factor is water pressure. To stop the water from flowing, the faucet only holds or keeps the water from flowing out. If you can’t picture it, think of a faucet as a dam and the water from the pipe as a river. If the water pressure is too strong for the faucet, it gets damaged because the water pressure loosens the fittings. Normally damage occurs on the knob, o-rings, seat and springs, ball valve, etc.

The third factor is the elements, especially heat and rust. Heat and rust can make the faucet develop cracks on its outer and inner components. Water then goes through these cracks. The cause of leaking is minor at first. However, if left alone, it will eventually wreck the whole faucet system.


What Happens If You Don’t Fix A Leaking Faucet?

Increased Water Bills

Since a leaky faucet doesn’t effectively shut off the water flow on your sink, it’s only proper to associate increased water bills with it. The simplest slightest leak can generate an additional $20 on your bills. Twenty dollars isn’t that pricey but accumulate that per day the faucet keeps leaking, and you’ll shake your head in disbelief. Also, aside from money, you are wasting water, which is an insult to 790 million people who don’t have access to an efficient water supply. 

Damaged Sink and Countertop

Kitchen Sink Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet constantly wets the sink and, sometimes, the countertop. Such constant wetting causes these to develop rust or moss. Such rust or moss damages the sink or countertop by making them more susceptible to denting and cracking. Sometimes, they also cause the sink and countertop to smell.


What Is The Fastest Way To Fix A Leaky Faucet?

The fastest way to fix a leaky faucet is to get it replaced. You can do the replacement. However, please call the plumbers if you’re not very familiar. Sometimes, DIY leaky faucet replacement can cause damage on the hose that attaches to the faucet once it’s being installed. Other reasons why you should call for replacement are:

  • the design and construction of the shape make it hard to install
  • avoid a lacking flow of water after installation
  • avoid breaking the faucet during installment
  • avoid the task of finding the right faucet yourself (plumbers already have the best ones in-store)

Still, if you don’t want a faucet replacement service because you don’t want to do the installation process again, go ahead to fix the faucet.


How To Fix A Leaky Faucet?

First of all, if a faucet is leaking, don’t immediately assume that it’s busted. The first thing you have to think about is minor complications that might make the faucet look like it’s leaking. For example, it might be that the water line’s pressure is too intense, someone just forgot to close the faucet properly, there’s leaking on the roof that’s directly above the faucet, etc.

If none of the above causes leaking, the culprit is the faucet, and then these are the steps you should do to fix it:


Turn The Main Water Line Off

Turn the main water line off before starting. While fixing, what you don’t want to happen is to have a sudden stream of water flowing out after removing the faucet, which comes from the pipe that connects to it. If you don’t do this, not only will reinstalling the faucet be challenging, but you and the whole place will get wet.


Remove The Faucet

Faucet Removal

The second step is to remove the faucet. Doing this is case-specific based on the brand and type of faucet you are about to fix. Still, the most common approach is to loosen the screws or the knot that locks and attaches the faucet to the pipe under it.


Dismantle the Faucet and Clean Everything 

Dismantle the faucet after detaching it from the pipe. Again, how to dismantle is case-specific and depends on the brand or type of your faucet. Commonly, the first thing to do is to remove the handle or knob from the faucet since it acts as the lock that binds all other components. After removing it, taking the faucet apart will be easy.

After taking the whole faucet apart, clean everything such as valves, inner hoses, ball valve, cam, packing, etc. Why clean anyway? You have to assume that dirt is the reason why the faucet is malfunctioning. After cleaning, assemble the faucet and reattach it to the pipe to see if there’s no leaking anymore.


Replace the Parts

Faucet Parts Replacement

If the leaking persists even after you have cleaned the faucet’s components, dismantle it again and check for defects on the components. The part of the faucet that commonly suffers from damage is the gasket. When damaged, the gasket shrinks or becomes thin. You can buy a gasket online or in break-and-mortar stores. Bring a sample for size reference.



To repair a faucet by yourself is easy. However, it’s best if you call our faucet repair Chantilly service. We have all the expertise and the essential parts for making your faucet work again. Furthermore, we do everything safely and quietly so that we won’t bother your living space while we’re working. Ring our customer hotline now because we’re waiting.