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5 Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Drains get clogged now and then, especially in areas where there is a lot of human activity, such as showers or sinks. A clog in the drainage system will lead to many drain issues. Common clogs in most drains are debris, sludge, soap, food, grease, or tree roots.

Getting a clog in a drainage system is a stubborn problem; most commercial and residential property owners hate dealing with occasionally. Many don’t just hate this issue because they don’t know how to go about unclogging drain systems, others don’t have the right equipment or resources to tackle blockage.

There are notable signs a homeowner needs drain cleaning. This will include slow draining than usual due to clogged drains. Overflowing toilet when one flushes is a common issue in many homes and also mean the drainage pipes need further attention.

When water starts backing up instead of going down the drain, there is a block that he or she has to deal with. This is an emergency drainage issue that needs immediate professional drain cleaning services.

Bad odor is also a common sign that a drainage system needs cleaning. This bad smell means something is stuck in the drainage pipes and has to be unclogged to avoid health-related complications.

Everything to Know About Drain Cleaning

There are many amazing and practical ways to tackle blockage in a drain system. The method he or she settles for means a lot when it comes to cleaning a drain. However, it’s advisable to go for a method that will effectively get rid of frustrating blockage.

Drain cleaning methods vary from the most basic to professional ones that involve the use of different tools. The good news is that it’s best to leave all drain cleaning projects to professionals. Commercial and residential property owners in Fairfax should not have reservations looking for plumbing professionals and have their drains cleaned.

Working with the best Fairfax plumbing and heating professional is a wise decision he or she should never regret. However, it’s wise to go for a well-trained, experienced, insured, and licensed drain cleaning expert. This is a professional well-acquainted with the latest and advanced drain cleaning methods and high-tech equipment.

Traditional methods such as the use of augers and snakes were common. When used properly and by the right person, these tools worked miracles in clearing up simple clogs. They made it easy to avoid inconvenient drain cleaning emergencies.

The good news for many Fairfax homeowners is that advanced and environmentally friendly drain cleaning solutions are the best option. One can opt for high-pressure drain cleaning to unblock clogs in their drainage systems. This is a drain cleaning method that involves the use of a flexible hose connected to an adjustable nozzle that emits water to break down debris, soap, grease, sludge, and hardened deposits.

Even if the drainage system has been invaded by tree roots, hydro-jetting can also aid flash these debris away into the main sewer system. Significantly, through high-pressure drain cleaning, it’s easy to clean pipelines and ready them for use. It is a great drain cleaning solution applicable to both commercial and residential drain and sewer lines.

Know the Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

High-pressure drain cleaning gets the drains cleaned perfectly. But a homeowner should opt for the services of the best plumbing company. A look at the top five benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning will also guide a homeowner in his or her endeavors. They include:

1. Quicker Than Other Methods

 High-Pressure Blast of Water

High-pressure drain cleaning is an exceptional method that makes it easy to clear blockage quicker than any other method. One does not have to poke and push the clog out of the drain as this is a tedious and tiresome task. When he or she opts for high pressure drain cleaning service, the time for an average service will depend on the drain section the professional is working on.

He or she can take at least two hours to clean a number of manholes in a drainage system. Less time will be wasted if the expert decides to undertake a CCTV inspection to locate the blockage and then immediately embark on drain cleaning.

2. Efficient Method to Clean Drain Lines

Drainage lines easily get clogged with sediments, soap residue, fats, grease, mineral deposits, sanitary paper towel, and other waste products. This thick sludge is hard to remove using traditional drain cleaning methods.

Through high-pressure cleaning, the expert one hires will unclog the drain lines and clean them properly. It’s a perfect method if a homeowner is undertaking further repair and restoration of the drainage pipes. Engineers will use high-pressure technique to clean the pipes thoroughly before undertaking any kind of renovation project.

3. Environmentally and Economically Safe Method

Hydro Jetting

High-pressure drain cleaning is the safest and most economical way to clean drain or sewer lines. There is no heavy or big equipment involved to immaculately clean the drain pipes. This method will also not damage drain pipes or the nearby property.

No drilling is involved or major inconveniences that might lead to extra drain cleaning service costs. All a professional need are some high-pressure blasts of water to perfectly clean the drain. In essence, hydro-jetting is a cost-effective technique that does not require multiple and costly chemical treatments to clear a clog.

4. Comprehensive and Thorough Results

A homeowner should not have any hesitations pushing out clog into the main drainage system. However, some waste like grease, tree roots, coffee grinds, and other kinds require different techniques to remove them. Luckily, high-pressure drain cleaning is one of the effective techniques to use and clear blockage.

It’s a technique used by a lot of plumbers to clear debris thanks to the nature of high-pressure water stream. As the high-pressure water spins in multi-directions through the pipes, it also swirls the waste inside the drain systems leaving the pipes flawlessly cleaned. The end results will be clean pipes that don’t require regular cleaning or cause slow draining.

5. Effectively Decreases Bad Odor

Clogged Drain Causing Bad Odor

When the drainage system is not working as expected, a homeowner is easily susceptible to awful smells. These bad odors are from the clogs in the drain lines, and when a homeowner ignores it, dangerous bacteria can accumulate.

The build-up of bacteria can lead to illness, especially if the smell is coming from the kitchen or bathroom. The bad odor is not good for the occupants of a house and no one wants to live in a stinking house. High-pressure drain cleaning is the best way to get rid of bacteria and bad smells as well as leave the drain lines fresh and clean.

Seek High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Services

A clogged drainage system can spell calamity to any home or business premises. It’s best to make sure possible drain waste is cleaned by professionals and regularly to keep the systems in the best condition. Whenever, a homeowner has issues with clogged pipes or drains, it’s best to work with licensed plumbers who are well trained and can clean your drains and plumbing system thoroughly.

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