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5 Tips On How To Prevent Basement Flooding 1

5 Tips On How To Prevent Basement Flooding

Having a flooded basement is stressful and messy to clean up. Depending on the size of your basement, it could take many days to clean the water. There are, however, ways to prevent floods from ever happening again.

To prevent it, you need to first read up on tips on how to prevent basement flooding. Most tips require frequent maintenance. It may seem like doing maintenance is hard but doing it will be worth it in the long run!

In this article, we will be going over five essential tips that will prevent your basement from being flooded. Towards the end of the article, we will also give you three companies that can help with any maintenance work in your basement.


Five Tips On How To Prevent Basement Flooding:

On the internet, you will find a lot of tips to prevent flooding in your basement. Here, we will narrow down these tips to five of the most important ones:

1. Taking Care Of The Sump Pump:Generator for Sump Pump

Sump pumps are a great asset to your house as they prevent mold, water damage, or flooding from entering your house. However, failure of taking care of the sump pump leads to floods. In fact, this is the number one cause of basement flooding. To prevent this from happening, doing simple maintenance of the pump is the key to prevent fewer floods. If the storm is coming your way, make sure the sump pump is working properly. Also, consider buying a generator for the pump.

2. Cleaning Gutters And Downspouts:

This is an essential tip for every home. Gutters need to be checked and cleaned for debris and downspouts need to always be positioned away from the foundation. Downspouts should be pointed away three feet from the foundation. Need something to help you? We suggest you get extensions or troughs for the downspout. Doing this simple tip will let water flow freely rather than pooling against your home.

3. Change The Landscape:Yard Landscape Regrading

Though this might sound crazy, having an improper landscape of your house might be what is causing your basement to flood. How is this possible? Think of it this way: the slope of your yard directs the water to your house. If the slope is wonky, water will pool up around your home and therefore will find a way in. The best solution for this is to regrade your lawn or install a French drain.

3. Getting Familiar With Insurance:

Insurance is about as dominant as a tip as proper maintenance to your house is. Ask yourself these questions: do you have flood insurance? Do you have coverage for sewage backups? If your answer is no, then it is a considerable idea to get insurance. While this does not prevent basement flooding, it will prevent you from spending too much money and for you to get repairs easily.

4. Inspecting Sewer Or Septic Systems:Septic Tank Clogs

The last tip we will give you is checking your sewer and septic system. Failure to maintain your septic system leads to a major flood and create havoc in your house. Check all the basic parts of the septic system like the clogs.


There are tips that we have not mentioned that prevent flooding from happening like installing window well covers, inspecting and repairing foundation cracks, among other tips. These five are ones that we feel everyone should focus on when maintaining and preventing basement flooding.

Being a responsible, active owner is the key when preventing floods in your basement. Maintenance is always the number one priority when taking care of your home. Remember to always check, inspect, and clean your downspouts, sump pump, gutters, and septic system.

Checking issues like a broken pipe or water leak before a disaster happens is essential in preventing a flood down in the basement. If you need someone to do this for you, you can always contact companies like the ones above that are willing to help you.

There are tons more companies out there that are willing to give their service and save your house. Like we mentioned before, check for the authenticity of the company before hiring one to fix your house. You can do this by checking reviews from past clients. You do not want problems to be more problematic or be scammed!

Need assistance with the maintenance for your basement? The best advice we can give you if you need help with maintenance is to hire a company. When hiring one, make sure to check for the authenticity of the company (experience, reviews, awards, etc.)

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