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Low Water Pressure Plumbing Problems

How to Deal With Low Water Pressure

Homeowners have to endure a lot each day and more so when it comes to their plumbing systems. One may experience many plumbing problems, but low water pressure is an issue he or she should not take lightly. It’s a common issue in many homes, even when the pipes are new or have just been repaired.

Low water pressure issues are easy to detect. One might notice showers that are so weak or the faucets can barely wash hands. These issues will leave a homeowner more aggravated and wondering what might be the problem.

Most water pressure problems in a home will present themselves in different ways. If this problem doesn’t go away after keeping an eye on the water pressure until it eventually drops too low, don’t stress anymore. Keep in mind that there is a low water pressure problem to deal with.

There are known causes of low water pressure in many homes in Arlington. And here are the common causes of low pressure in the water supply systems. Have a look:


Outdated and Faulty Fixtures

A home’s fixtures that have become faulty after prolonged use may lead to water pressure issues. Mineral buildups and debris can obstruct different fixtures in the house and prevent water from flowing freely to the designated supply system.

Clogged Water Pipes

Blocked Water Pipes Plumbing

Clogged pipes can obstruct the flow of water. It’s easy to notice such a problem. For instance, when one turns on a faucet, the water may spray out at a home pressure, but then start to flow with less pressure. Mineral deposits, rust, or other kinds of debris can accumulate on the pipes’ sides, restricting water flow.

Corroded Plumbing Systems

An entire home’s system of piping can be corroded, and it needs to be replaced. Even if a household uses the sturdiest pipes, they will not last a lifetime and will need to be replaced and solve the low water pressure issues.

Water Valve Issue

Shutoff Water Valve Plumbing

Most homes in Arlington have two main shut-off valves that control the water flow. One valve is in the house and the other at the meter. One of these valves may be fully turned off or partially, causing low water pressure issues.

Leaking Pipes

Leaks are another common cause of low water pressure in many homes. If there is a crack or hole letting water flow out of the plumbing system, it will be hard for the water to reach the fixtures.


Solving Low Water Pressures Issues- What to Do

Normal Water Pressure

A homeowner struggling with low water pressure issues will do anything possible to have water aptly flowing in his fixtures. He or she may take the task to fix this problem. If one has the skillsets and expertise in solving such plumbing system problems, he or she can go on and DIY.

Unfortunately, most of these issues can be daunting and challenging to solve. If one decides to solve the problem himself, he might end up spending a lot of money and eventually fail to solve the main plumbing issues. Therefore, it’s best if these problems are left to professionals, and here is where top Arlington plumbers come in and save the day.

The plumber one picks will not just offer the best plumbing services, but impeccable advice on how to solve low water pressure issues. Here are some incredible tips to rely on and ensure water is correctly flowing on the fixtures.

Contact Your Immediate Neighbors

Always keep the first things first. Contact immediate neighbors and see whether they are experiencing the same problem.

If so, then the issue is with the city municipal water system. Call the respective authorities and see if the problem is coming from the street to the neighborhood.

Test the Pressure Manually

Even before calling the local water provider, take the initiative to test the pressure by hand. Start by determining whether all locations in the home have low water pressure. Check the faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, and backyard.

Alternatively, hook up the pressure gauge to an outside tap and turn on the water. Read the instantaneous readings, but make sure the shut-off valves at the water meter are fully open. A reading that is as low as 40psi is not ideal.

Ask the local water providers for pressure readings. Readings of 45 or 50 psi are ideal, and 80 psi and above is too high. If one confirms it’s a citywide pressure problem, then take the next helpful steps.

Clear the Clogs

Mineral buildups and debris clog pipes preventing free water flow to the respective fixtures. He or she can go on and clear the clogs by dissolving the deposits. There are impeccable ways to take care of clogs inside the plumbing systems once they are located in the systems.

For instance, open the zip-lock bag filled with baking soda and then vinegar over the faucet of choice. Tie it in place and leave it overnight to soak. Rinse the cleaned fixture fittings and put the fixture back together, and inspect how it’s working.

In an extreme case, a homeowner will be forced to replace the pipe section, causing this problem. Feel free to call plumbers to assess and correct the problem if stuck. These are professionals and will provide rewarding solutions.

Replace the Regulator

Many homes that depend on public water use a regulator located at the main meter or somewhere in the service line that enters the house. The regulator may be faulty, and the pressure will drop gradually, affecting every fixture in a home.

To solve this issue, reset or replace the regulator. If stuck and don’t know how to deal with the regulator, call a nearby plumber.

Look Over for Leaks

Damaged Pipes Plumbing

Leaks can result due to damaged and cracked pipes that restrict water from free-flowing to respective fixtures. Shut off all the main valves and faucets in the home and note down the water meter readings.

Return after a few hours and check the readings on the meter. A high reading in the meter is a clear sign there is a leak in the plumbing system.

Call a professional plumber and have the damaged pipes replaced. This is an excellent solution that will as well reduce the risk of corrosive pipes contaminating the water.

Install a Water Pressure Booster Pump

If one finds out the problem is not in the neighborhood and the water department can’t supply enough water, it’s time to invest in a water pressure booster pump. This new system will help increase the flow of the water the moment it reaches the homestead.


Hire a Plumber Deal with Low Water Pressure Today

Top Arlington Plumbers

Dealing with many plumbing system problems is never easy, and its best to work with a professional in the plumbing industry. Hiring the top plumbers is a decision he or she will never regret.

These are licensed, insured, experienced, and well-trained professionals in the industry and are always eager to lend a helping hand. Call today for a free quote and no-obligation consult.




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