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How Our Best Arlington Plumbing Services Help You Fix Toilet Problems

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Won’t Flush

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in a home, thus it is not uncommon for a toilet to become clogged with use over time. This can be caused by several things, all of which are easily controlled if addressed immediately. If a problem arises that cannot be handled without professional assistance, the best Arlington plumbing company has a reliable, affordable team readily available to fix whatever problem a homeowner faces. Here are some of the most common reasons as to why your toilet won’t flush, and what can be done about it.


  1. Something is blocking the pipe

This can be a number of things, as families with younger children may have to deal with toys being flushed, or could be other objects that may have accidentally fallen into the toilet bowl, such as cell phones, watches, etc. This is common but can lead to blockage and clogging that will backup the normal flow of water. Oftentimes, a traditional, high quality plunger can dislodge the flushed object through the use of suction, or at least will lower the water level enough so that one can attempt to reach the object by hand. Another option is to use a toilet auger which clears the pipe through, but if the object remains lodged, then calling a plumber is the next step.

  1. The lift chain is damaged and/or disconnected entirely

Fix Damaged Toilet Lift Chain with The Best Arlington Plumbing CompanyAnother common issue is dealing with a damaged or disconnected lift chain, which opens and closes the toilet’s flapper when it is flushed. Adjusting the length of the chain, or how much slack it has, can be done easily by an individual without the use of plumbing services, as it is a common problem that occurs with use over time. Repairing of the chain may be needed, if the chain is at all damaged, and this can be done individually or with professional assistance from a qualified plumbing technician.

  1. The toilet has a damaged flapper

This, again, often comes as a result of use over a period of time and affects the flowing of water into the toilet bowl when flushing occurs. The flapper can become warped, bent, or undergo further damage and will cause the water to not refill following flushing. Replacing it is easy to do and not costly, and if someone is uncomfortable replacing it on their own, professional help is recommended but not necessary.

  1. The water is not being refilled properly

Fix Low Toilet Water Pressure with The Best Arlington Plumbing CompanyIf the water level in the tank is too low, the toilet will not flush properly, and this can come as a result of a turned off valve or another issue. Ensure that the tank is filled to one inch below the overflow tube, turning the valve on and watching as this is done.

  1. Damaged Overflow tube

A damaged or cracked overflow tube will cause the water to not refill the tank following flushing, and instead flow into the overflow tube. Check to ensure the tube is performing properly and is not damaged. If it is, replacing is a simple task and is inexpensive.


All of these are common issues that every homeowner faces at some point, all of which can be fixed at home or with the help from Doherty Plumbing can help you with any plumbing problem that is too difficult to deal with alone .

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