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Plumbing Issues – What Diy Can Fix and What Professionals Can Resolve

Water is a natural resource that is not only life-saving but also destructive. This is the reason why you should take the plumbing services seriously. You have to be aware of when you can repair a plumbing issue on your own or when you to contact a plumbing professional.

Let’s see what plumbing issues can you handle on your own-

  • Dripping faucet- A constant dripping sound can be very irritating when you are trying to sleep after a very hectic and tiring day. One of the reasons for this dripping can be that the water needs to be replaced in the faucet. You can repair it in simple steps. First, stop the water supply to the faucet and open the handle. See the O-ring and washer for any issues. Replace the washer if necessary. If the dripping still does not stop, the issue might be any broken or loose parts. In such a case you might need a professional faucet repair to fix any leakage or broken ceramic plate.
  • diy plumbingRunning toilet- If the water continues to flow even after then flush, this means that the lever in the tank behind the bowl has issues. Remove the toilet tank lid, locate the chain at the tank bottom and reattach it to the lever on the toilet handle. If the condition worsens, you may have to replace the chain completely. 
  • Clogged drain- Instead of using a chemical drain cleaner, use a natural alternative first like baking soda, salt, and hot water. Some clogs may be too deep and out of reach or might be quite large. In that a case, you might need the help of a good drain cleaning service.
  • Trickling shower head-  If your shower head starts spraying water in every direction randomly, there might be limescale built on your shower head and spray plate. Remove both the shower head and spray plate. Soak them for a while in a solution that can remove any scaling.
  • Garbage disposal- Garbage disposal can stop working just at any time. Try to reset it with the reset button that is given at the bottom. If this trick does not work use an Allen key manually. This will dislodge the clog from your disposal. If the leak still doesn’t stop or the disposal does not work. Contact a professional for garbage disposal repair.

Now take a look at the plumbing issues that only a professional can resolve

  • Water heater not working- If your water heater is not heating water properly or making strange sounds, it’s time to call a professional water heater repair service. A faulty water heater can be a serious safety and health hazard. Doherty Plumbing has experts that can repair your gas, electric or tankless water heaters. professional plumbing service
  • Fault in Sump pump- A sump pump can protect you from high water level in the case of heavy rains or snowfall. A sump pump failure can cause basement flooding leading to expensive water damage repairs. You should get your sump pump regularly serviced. We can help you professional and affordable sump pump repair services.
  • Pipes bursting- Severe temperature changes can cause water pipes to burst that can cause huge flooding in your home. In case of a pipe burst, turn off the main water valve immediately and call a professional plumbing service.
  • Clogging in sewer lines- The main point of plumbing in your home is the main sewer line. Any collapse in your sewer line or any clogging can be efficiently handled by a professional plumbing service. Doherty Plumbings have all the latest necessary tools to find and fix issues in your sewer line.

Furthermore, for any emergency plumbing issues, just give us a call or contact us online and we will make sure that your plumbing issue is fixed as soon as possible.

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