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How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

A home’s bathroom should be a luxury zone. While a bathroom may seem strictly utilitarian on its face, the reality is that bathrooms are where homeowners go to relax, unwind and shake off the day. Bathrooms also set the tone for the day by providing a setting for getting showered and prepped! It’s no wonder why more and more people are seeking to add touches of luxury to their bathrooms.

Bathrooms don’t just make life more satisfying. According to Zillow, a bathroom remodel yields the biggest return in terms of boosting your home’s resale value! Yes, renovating what is often the smallest room in a home actually delivers the biggest value boost! It works out to a value increase of $1.71 for every dollar spent on a bathroom update. It’s hard to deny that a bathroom renovation is a win-win decision. However, knowing how to choose updates that really bring the luxury is a whole different game. When planning a bathroom remodel, it’s so important to marry function with style in a way that makes everything flow. Take a look at 11 ways to add luxury to a bathroom!


1. Add a Tiled Shower

Tired of staring at a dull fiberglass or acrylic shower? It’s hard not to get excited by those “dream showers” full of large tiles peppered with rich mosaics. Here’s a look at the best tiles to add to shower walls:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Marble
  • Natural Stone

There are two ways to approach this update. The first is to tile an existing walk-in shower that has all of the right “bones” even though it’s bland. The second is to install a new walk-in shower with beautiful touches like a glass door and waterfall shower head!


2. Install a Double Vanity

According to experts, a home’s en-suite bathroom is almost as important to buyers as the home’s kitchen. When reimagining an en-suite bathroom, the trick for instant luxury is to swap a one-sink vanity for a two-sink vanity! This update ensures that there’s never any fighting over the sink! Deep sinks cut into marble or granite counters drastically boost a bathroom’s luxury rating!


3. Add Recessed Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Services

While most people rely on fixtures for bathroom lighting, a luxury-creating option like recessed lighting is tragically overlooked. The perk of adding recessed lighting in a bathroom is that it ensures light reaches every corner. That’s a plus when grooming! In addition, the way overhead light bounces off a bathroom’s beautiful tiles makes the space seem huge!


4. Hang an Oversized Mirror

Once a new vanity has been added, the way to really give it some oomph is to hang an oversized mirror! A larger mirror accentuates the size of the vanity. It also makes the entire bathroom look bigger. As a bonus, guests love being able to check themselves out in a mirror after ducking into the bathroom!


5. Add a Towel Warmer

Luxury is in the little details! A heated towel rack ensures that a fluffy, inviting towel is always waiting on the other side of a hot shower. A high-end heated towel rack is a safe, reliable addition to a bathroom that’s integrated into a home’s main heating system. These towel warmers are also very energy efficient.


6. Install a Bidet

Bath Room Bidet Installation

Anyone who has ever visited a high-end hotel or luxury resort knows that bidets are signs of prestige. What many people don’t realize is that it’s fairly easy to have a bidet installed in any bathroom. In fact, a renovation that involves reimagining the layout of a bathroom presents the perfect opportunity to install a bidet because this project can be done when plumbing is being retrofitted for the new layout.


7. Get Futuristic With a Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are pretty much the only vanities that high-end builders are installing these days. Designed to be fixed to the wall without the use of supportive legs, floating vanities are incredibly sleek. While it may be tempting to think that the value of a floating vanity is purely aesthetic, the reality is that this design makes cleaning a bathroom incredibly easy because there’s no worry about grime and moisture being trapped under the vanity!


8. Install a Frameless Glass Shower

No, those frameless showers that are all over Instagram and Pinterest aren’t optical illusions! A frameless glass shower lacks the lip or edge of traditional walk-in showers. The step from bathroom floor to shower is completely seamless! However, an airtight door prevents moisture seepage! Ideal for anyone who has difficulty stepping into a traditional shower or tub, these showers often have built-in seating!


9. Add a Steam Shower

Steam Bathroom

The days of needing the budget to build a separate room for a personal sauna are over! Steam showers allow people to enjoy relaxing steam sessions using built-in steam generators accompanied by vapor barriers. The best part is that electrical heating elements work with a home’s existing water system to deliver steam!


10. Design a Mosaic Rug

Why just add new tile floors when a bathroom floor can be a work of art? People looking to create custom, high-end bathrooms are installing tile rugs. Tile rugs are simply mosaics done to look like square mats. They can be placed in the center of a bathroom, in front of a shower, in front of a toilet or in front of a vanity to add a very rich accent!


11. Add a Heated Floor

This might just be the most luxurious touch possible for a bathroom! While most people assume that bathrooms with heated floors have special heated tiles, the truth is that ordinary ceramic and stone tiles are used in conjunction with a heating system that’s placed under the floor. It’s actually a radiant heat source creating those warm, soothing tiles that feel like heaven against the pads of the feet on a chilly morning.


Creating a Bathroom Fit for Royalty

Everybody deserves a bathroom that pampers. If you’re looking for bath remodeling services Chantilly homeowners can use to create show-stopping bathrooms, these 11 luxury touches are just the beginning. Book your consultation to discuss how to add luxury and value to a bathroom!

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