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5 DIY Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them 1

5 DIY Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

DIY projects, in general, are easier alternatives than hiring someone to get the job done. If you are planning to do a plumbing project or to fix your bathroom, however, you want to be sure you don’t make any mistakes while doing the job. There are common mistakes that DIYers make when doing a plumbing job. Here we will talk about the 5 plumbing mistakes and how you can avoid doing the same mistakes.

Many mistakes happen when it comes to DIY plumbing. Here are five common mistakes of DIY plumbing:

  1. Forgetting How Things Go Together: One of the biggest common mistakes is forgetting how to put things back together. Dismantling is easy, but putting it back together is tough. If you put it back together incorrectly, it will lead to more repairs. You can avoid this mistake by taking a picture of every step of your process.
  2. Cleaning Drains Improperly: Using the wrong chemicals to clean drains can lead to damage in the pipes. Not only that, but it can also cause severe damage to a person, animals, or the environment as most chemicals are not safe. To avoid this risk, you should be aware that plungers are designed not just for toilets, but also for sinks and tubs. You can also use augers or snakes.5 DIY Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them 2
  3. DIYing A Plumbing Project With Little Experience: Before starting any DIY project, especially one that requires fixing an appliance, you need to know how to do the project. Little experience or little knowledge can cause more damage and money. Ask an Arlington plumbers VA questions on how to do a certain project before you begin. 
  4. Forgetting Turning Off The Water: Projects that require working with water have this common mistake where people will forget to turn off the water. If you don’t turn off the water before doing your project, this can lead to gushing pipes or a flood. To avoid getting water all over your house, know the plumbing of your house and turn off the water at the shutoff valve or the water main.5 DIY Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them 3
  5. Pipes That Are Inconsistent: As you know, some pipes are made with different materials. These materials include galvanized steel, copper, brass, plastic, and other materials. Some of these pipes can join together, however, it is not an ideal choice to do so as this can lead to leaks. The best option is to get new pipes to replace the old ones so you can avoid leaks. 


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