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Handy Plumbing Tools

Handy Plumbing Tools to Keep Around the House

There is a lot that a homeowner has to do to keep his or her home in the best condition all year long. With myriads of home improvement projects to think of, one has to go for a project he or she can undertake stress-free. The home remodeling project a homeowner thinks of should be rewarding, budget-friendly, and an endeavor he or she can DIY.

Many people just leave most the home improvement projects in the hands of professionals. It’s a wise decision depending on what improvements one plans to undertake. Plumbing is one of the common projects that many people frequently undertake in their homes.

Plumbing problems are quite common and it’s wise to have some skillsets and experience to handle some simple do-it-yourself projects. On the other hand, there are handy plumbing tools one should own and be able to effectively solve simple plumbing problems. The good news? As a resident of Fairfax, VA and surrounding areas, don’t have any worries if don’t know how to go about solving plumbing issues.


Make Plumbing Projects Easy and Efficient

Plumbing Fairfax VA is easy and pretty straightforward with the right tools and guidance from experienced plumbers in the region. There are many plumbing experts who are eager and happy to help their clients undertake plumbing projects on their own. With the right skillsets, willpower, and right DIY plumbing approach and tools, it’s not that daunting to solve some of the common plumbing problems.

In this light, here are the best plumbing tools to keep around the house. Have a look:



Plunger - Plumbing Tool

Even if a homeowner prefers hiring the services of a professional plumber in Fairfax, VA, it’s wise to own a plunger. This is one of the amazing plumbing tools that should not miss in the garage and toolbox. A plunger helps clear blockages in drains and pipes.

A common plunger will come with a cup that is pushed down the drain opening to force air in. a homeowner has to push it gently until the rubber cup is flatted and then pull it out. A plunger will loosen or break up a clogged drain.

The common types of plungers to keep around the house include:

  • Cup plunger in your sink drains, bathtub drains and shower.
  • Flange plunger comes with an extension that you can fit into the toilet drain and unclog the blockage.
  • Accordion plunger aids unclog toilets but you must fully submerge it into water.

Tongue and Groove Pliers

Tongue-and-groove pliers are amazing slip-joint pliers also known as adjustable pliers, water pump pliers, or multi-grips. Use the tongue-and-groove pliers to turn and hold nuts and bolts. It’s a great tool for holding objects that are irregular as well as clamping materials. One can also use these pliers to rotate objects while maintaining their position.


Wrenches - Plumbing Tool

There are varied types of wrenches a homeowner should own and cater to all plumbing problems. There are incredible types of wrenches to own and ideal for plumbing projects. They include:

  • Basin Wrench – Also known as sink wrench can be a handy tool to use to change and tighten an old faucet in the kitchen, laundry sink, or bathroom.
  • Adjustable Wrench – This is a great tool to use and remove fixture shutoff valves, nuts and tubes on faucets.
  • Basin Wrench – This is a type of wrench great to work on different and hard-to-reach areas under a sink. And if a homeowner is replacing a sink or doing some repairs, a basin wrench is ideal tool to own.

Plumber’s Tape

A plumber’s tape is an important material to own and ideal for preventing leaks around threaded connections in a plumbing system. Also known as Teflon tape, this tape is easy to use and wrap around threads on pipes.

Tubing Cutter

A tubing cutter is an ideal plumbing tool to use when working on copper pipes. It helps cut the metal when undertaking a plumbing job and using copper.

Plumbing Snake

Auger - Plumbing Tool

Also widely known as an auger, a plumbing snake is a great tool for clearing blocked drains when any type of plunger cannot do the job perfectly. It features an incredible metal coil on one of its end which a plumber has to insert into a drain and unclog it.


A homeowner will need a hacksaw to cut through plastic pipes and metals. It’s a great tool to use and cut stubborn bolts or nuts during a plumbing exercise.

Other Handy Plumbing Tools

Other handy tools great for plumbing include; screwdrivers, caulk gun, propane torch, locking pliers, and a metal file to name but a few. Even with these tools in place, some plumbing projects can be challenging. It’s a wise decision to hire the services of experienced, skilled, licensed, and well-trained plumbers when the need arises.

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