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Garbage Installation Services in Chantilly

Is It Time for a New Garbage Disposal?

Is your garbage disposal letting you know it’s replacement time? If your disposal is on the fritz, there are some telltale signs that it’s damaged beyond the point of return. Trying to ignore the problem can lead to everything from foul odors to flooding. Take a look at the clues that your garbage disposal is on its way out.


Loud Grinding Noises

Odd sounds may be tipping you off to the fact that something is amiss with your garbage disposal. It can sometimes sound like silverware is stuck inside your disposal even when all is clear. In this case, you may have misaligned components that are grinding together.

Get this looked at as quickly as possible because you may be able to avoid a replacement with a proper realignment. However, ignoring strange noises coming from your garbage disposal will only make the problem worse.


Nothing Happens When You Flick the Switch

If your garbage disposal is no longer activating when you flick the switch, this is a sign that the unit is essentially dead. The disposal could also be on its way out if it’s shutting off while you’re using it. Both issues are typically caused by a blown motor.


A Foul Odor

Woman smelling something bad in the kitchen

A lingering foul odor can be one of the first signs that something is wrong with your garbage disposal. The reason why there’s a smell coming from your sink could be that food and moisture are pooling together in your drain. It’s possible that stringy, oily foods or greasy build-ups are tangled inside your garbage disposal.

While you may be able to get rid of the buildup using hot water and soap, you may need a replacement if the odor still lingers after thoroughly cleaning your sink.


Underpowered Performance

While your garbage disposal may technically be working, you may be noticing that it’s slower than usual. Your disposal could be struggling to break down food debris that it used to breeze through with ease. This is usually a sign that your blades have deteriorated.


Your Sink Is Slow to Drain

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Have you noticed that your sink is taking longer to drain than usual? This could be a sign that there’s a clog in your garbage disposal. While plunging is the first step in troubleshooting, a clog that is serious enough to cause continuous drainage issues may require a replacement.


There’s a Leak

This is a big red flag that can lead to big trouble if it’s not addressed immediately. While a leak may start off small, it can quickly become a very noticeable problem that takes over your entire kitchen. Here are some telltale signs of a leaking garbage disposal:

  • Puddles near the sink.
  • Larger pools of water along your bottom cabinets.
  • Water drips from under your sink.

If you’re seeing signs of water pooling near your sink, there’s a good chance that the problem is serious enough to require a disposal replacement already. It’s important to bring in a plumber if you notice leaking because the source of a leak is not always obvious.

You can potentially avoid a very messy, expensive problem if you get the leak assessed before you’re at the stage where you’re “capturing” or “wiping up” water.


Getting Your Garbage Disposal Replaced Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

Garbage Disposal Plumbing

While garbage disposals can sometimes be repaired, getting a new disposal is often the easiest choice. Of course, you may be looking for garbage disposal installation services in Chantilly because you’ve decided that a disposal is a must-have item when building your new kitchen.

Be sure to use a qualified, experienced plumber whenever you’re putting in a new garbage disposal. Give us a call today if you need help putting in a new garbage disposal!

4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Kitchen Faucet 1

4 Reasons to Replace Your Old Kitchen Faucet

Is your old faucet in need of replacement? Whether it looks clean and shiny is not the issue, because plenty of faucets look great but don’t do the job they’re supposed to do. Even modern fixtures are prone to leakage, breakage, and generally poor performance if they aren’t replaced regularly.


DIY or Replacement?

Do-It-Yourself versus Faucet Replacement

You can always try to fix a leaky faucet yourself, but if the fixture is too old or in an awful state of disrepair, it’s better to seek out professional faucet installation in Chantilly or whatever community you reside in.

It’s important to understand “faucet basics” and keep track of how old your home’s faucet system is in order to maintain a fresh supply of safe, good-tasting water. Another piece of information that helps homeowners assess their situation is getting acquainted with the common reasons to get a new faucet.

After that, you’ll be in a much better position to know whether the time is right to make repairs or buy a full-fledged replacement. Here’s more about the basics and the reasons to purchase a new faucet.


Faucet Basics

Like every other essential home appliance, kitchen faucets age, wear out, break, and sometimes just stop functioning for unknown reasons. That’s why it’s imperative to keep an eye on your faucet’s state of health. But, how can you tell when the device is beginning to experience a decline in function?

The simple answer: look for one of the four common signs of “early faucet malfunction” listed below. For whatever reason, homeowners often don’t value the role of their kitchen faucets as highly as they should. In fact, old water systems in your home can cause all sorts of problems besides just inconvenient leaks and noises.

It’s essential for homeowners to make sure that the water coming into their home is as clean as possible, and that means upgrading or updating plumbing systems. Fortunately, replacing an old kitchen faucet is often the only fix that’s needed.


Reasons to Get a New Faucet

Old Kitchen Faucet

Here’s more about each of the four most common reasons people buy brand-new kitchen faucets:

  • Leaks: If your DIY fixes don’t hold, and you still hear odd noises, see mold, or have higher water bills than normal, it’s almost certainly time for a new faucet.
  • Rust: Rust inside the unit can cause water to look yellow or brown and is a sign of advanced faucet decay. If you see any evidence of rust in your kitchen tap water, run, don’t walk, to the phone and contact a pro who can replace the unit asap.
  • Age: Even the best faucets only last between 10 and 15 years, so even if the unit is working okay, consider replacing it when it reaches its tenth birthday.
  • Mineral Deposits: Replace your faucet if you see any signs of mineral buildup at the spigot or near the base of the unit. This residue is a sign that the unit is not functioning properly.


Get a New Faucet Sooner Rather Than Later

Faulty Faucets

Fortunately, faucets are not high-priced appliances, so replacing them when necessary is not a tough decision. If your kitchen faucet is showing any of the tell-tale symptoms noted above, contact a plumbing pro to help you select the right replacement and get it installed asap.

There’s no better way to guarantee your family’s health and safety. Plus, the fix is an inexpensive job that can be done in just a few minutes. Don’t let a faulty faucet wreak havoc with your lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Chantilly

Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most commonly used and most important rooms for any home. Each one of us would like it to be in the best of condition. While cleanliness and appearances are of importance, as the kitchen adds years to its age, there could be the need for giving it a new look. You also may have more members in your family and this may require a bigger cooking space and kitchen.

Therefore, kitchen remodeling is becoming quite common. But, remodeling a kitchen requires some preparation, and also having some good ideas.

As the homeowner, you could be the best person to decide on the type of kitchen remodeling ideas that you are looking for. Once you have zeroed in on a few kitchen remodeling ideas, you could move forward with the actual remodeling. However, it is quite obvious that you will not be able to do the remodeling on your own.

You have to look for the services of experienced, capable and professional kitchen remodeling services Chantilly contractors. You can start looking for them only after you have a reasonably good idea about various useful kitchen remodeling tips. We are listing down a few tips that are proven and could help to give a facelift to your kitchen apart from adding more utility and value to the kitchen.

Don’t Rush Into Remodeling Your Kitchen

When you get into the job of remodeling your kitchen, make sure that you do not act in a haste. Don’t be in a hurry to invest big money on your remodeling, without understanding what exactly you need. You will come across many remodeling ideas and each one of them may look quite interesting and exciting.

However, you need something that is a perfect combination of looks, appearances, and most importantly the remodeling should offer you utility and value for money. It would be a good idea to get started with an island. It will for sure increase the cooking space, but may limit space for people moving around in the kitchen. Using an island will be a cost-effective way of testing the waters before you move forward with full-fledge remodeling of the kitchen.

Have A Temporary Kitchen In Place

Functional Temporary Kitchen

When you remodel your old kitchen, you can be sure that you will not be able to use it till it is ready. Hence, make sure that you have a temporary kitchen in place before you start work on remodeling your kitchen. You could make use of some old countertops and cabinets for building a makeshift kitchen. Don’t go for something fancy and expensive. Make sure that it is functional because the makeshift kitchen will be dismantled once the remodeled kitchen is ready for us.

Have A Clear Idea About The Way In Which Your Remodeled Kitchen Will Be Used

There are many who would like their kitchen to also be used as an office. Hence, before you spend money and get into the actual act of kitchen remodeling be sure as to how you would like to use it. In case you want a mini-office in your kitchen, have the right infrastructure for the purpose. If the space is small, make sure that you make intelligent use of it.

A small workspace with table and chair with facilities for using laptop or PC could make it complete.

Keep The Future In Mind

When you remodel your kitchen, it is quite possible that you could be using a certain size of refrigerator, dish washing machine or microwave oven. These may be enough for today but a few years down the lane, you may require something bigger. Hence, you must always remodel your kitchen in such a way that you have enough space for bigger and larger fixtures and fittings.

For example, you certainly need a bigger sized refrigerator as the days and years roll by. Make sure that the space that you have earmarked for refrigerators, dish washing machines, microwaves and other such things have enough space for expansion. The same is the case with kitchen wardrobes and countertops.

Even if the space available is small, always remodel the kitchen keeping the next five years in mind. You cannot expect to spend money repeatedly on remodeling and go through the grind all over again.

Go In For Measured Cabinets And Countertops

Customized Kitchen Wardrobes

Once the remodeling blueprint is ready, only then should you go ahead with the ordering of countertops, cabinets and kitchen wardrobes. Though there are readymade cabinets, countertops and wardrobes, it is always better to go for customized ones because they fit well and they also look much better, compact and add to the overall look and feel of the remodeled kitchens.

Importance Of Counter Space

At the end of the day, it is quite obvious that any remodeled kitchen should be a perfect combination of looks, appearances, utility and functionality. Never compromise on the last two requirements. Pay attention to the details and make sure that you have enough counter space because you will be using it regularly for your day-to-day cooking activities.

Install Storage Racks Intelligently

Space is a constraint in many homes and therefore when you are spending money on remodeling, you must make sure that you are making good use of each and every inch of space that is available. For example, you must not underestimate the importance of under-cabinet storage racks. You can use this to keep your cooking utensils and other such things.

It will help your kitchen to look spacious and will avoid that cluttered look. You could either go in for readymade racks or customize the same. The latter is more expensive but is worth it because these racks will fit in snugly and offer you very good value for money.

Pay Attention To Lighting

Well-Lit Kitchen

Kitchen should look bright because it adds to the positivity of the entire space. Make sure that the lighting is intelligently thought out and the lighting should not go waste. Do not, however, overdo the lighting part because it might become glaring and may not match with the overall ambience of the home.


The above are a few tips that could help in converting your old kitchen into something modern, modular and great looking. It also will ensure that you have the right mix of functional advantages and looks. However, you have to do your research and hire the right kitchen remodeling contractors. You cannot do it on your own even if you have the skill set and ideas.